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You are here: Home Part Numbers Index Part Numbers Index

(Last Updated: 04/19/10)

Ford Truck Part Numbers Index
Air Conditioning, Hang-On
Air Conditioner Kits
Engine Compartment
Fan Blade Assembly
Pulley Assembly, Idler
Passenger Compartment
Air Conditioning, Integral
Engine Compartment
Fan Blade Assembly
Pulley Assembly, Idler
Passenger Compartment
Reflector Assembly
Alternator Mounting Parts
Coupling Shaft
F100 (2WD & 4WD)
F250 (2WD & 4WD) & F350
F100 (2WD & 4WD)
F250 (2WD & 4WD) & F350

Instrument Panel & (Related Items)
Lights, Rear (& Related Items)
Lamp Assembly, Marker
Miniature Bulb Application Chart
Engine Supports and Related Parts
Pulley, Crankshaft (FE 352/360/390)
Pulley, Crankshaft (Small-block 302)
Pulley, Water Pump
Fuel Tank, In-Cab (& Related Items)
Fuel Tank, Auxiliary Under-Cab (& Related Items)
Fuel Line and Tubing
  Gear Assy., Steering (Steering Box)
Steering Column
Steering Column Differences
Speedometer Gear Chart - 3-spd. Manual (Ford)
Speedometer Gear Chart - 3-spd Overdrive (Warner T85, T86)
Speedometer Gear Chart - 3 & 4 Speed Manual Transmission
(Coming soon)

Part Numbers Index

This Part Numbers Index includes links to all pages at FORDification containing part numbers from the 1964-1972 Ford Truck Master Parts Catalog - 1975 Final Issue.

As new pages are added to the site, they will be linked to from here, so this is always the fastest way of finding what you need. Newest additions to the site will always be announced on the site's front index page.

All part numbers and specifications listed are as reported in the MPC, and may not take into account any parts which have been substituted, deleted or classified as obsolete since the MPC was printed (unless otherwise noted). However, numbers posted are compared to the January 1980 O.S.I. (Obsolete / Supersede / Interchange) catalog and appropriate changes made to each listing as needed.

Symbol (in the text listings or exploded-view diagrams) indicates part is not supplied for service due to the following:


a. Part is superseded and replaced as indicated in the description column of text
b. Part can be improvised as indicated in the description column of text
c. Due to it's function there would be little or no demand


You are here: Home Part Numbers Index

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