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The Parts Trucks: Part 1 - The '68 F100 Ranger

Not much left on the interior of the '68...but I'll grab everything useable. This shot was taken after the removal of the factory underdash air-conditioning unit.

Here's a shot of the holes in the inner firewall to accommodate the AC and heater hoses...

..and a shot of the outer firewall with holes for the AC and heater hoses marked.

Above: Here's a shot of the field where the parts trucks are located. A good friend of mine has had these sitting around for some time now and was willing to let me scavenge parts, before they set so long they become useless. (THANKS RAY!!) Both trucks were his work trucks in the past, and he's told me a few stories about adventures he's had in them.

The red F-100 on the trailer is a '68. The above shot was taken several days after I'd removed the front clip, with the intent of using the inner fender aprons and radiator support. They're not perfect, but they're not too bad. The radiator support area behind the driver's-side headlight does have rust which I'll cut out and replace, and the top of the support is bent over a problem. I also scavenged the passenger side door (no rust!), the factory underdash AC unit (pictured below), the stock AM radio (just in case) and all the emblems, including the 390 emblems from the front fenders. I plan to also get the front big-block springs, the automatic steering column and power steering box, the dash cluster (for parts), the power brake booster and the Dana rearend, which I believe is a posi-trac. Since he simply intends to use the remains of this truck to build a box trailer for farm use, I'll be keeping the Dana posi and replacing it with the 8-3/4" Ford version from my '67.It's an afternoon's worth of work to swap the rearends, but very worth it. (I just wish I had more storage space...I'd also take the hood.)

Still a few useable parts here. This is a Bendix-style steering box which will make converting my column-shift 3-speed to power steering a bolt-in job.

I'll also be swiping the Dana posi-trac, since the remains of this truck will be turned into a box trailer.

The original '68 Ford
F-100 factory underdash air-conditioning / heater unit

This is the AC/heater unit on the '68. As I was building this page, I watched an E-bay auction with an AC unit like this...the only difference is the grille in mine has a couple fins missing. When the auction concluded, the complete AC unit and controls went for $250...hmmmmm....

Several of the fins are missing from the grille area, but otherwise it simply needs to be cleaned up. I have everything to hook it up, except for the compressor brackets for the engine.

Here's a view of the backside. The two hoses in the lower left are the heater hoses.

The first year of the 'safety' heater controls, instead of the pull-out knobs. I understand an AC unit like this is fairly rare.

Since the AC unit went 80% of the way up into the glovebox area, the glove box was almost unuseable, so the Ford engineers gave us another cubby hole to store small items.

The Parts Trucks: Part 2 - The '70 F100 Ranger

Here's the inside of the '70. All the parts are from this truck, including the outside mirrors, the dog-dish hubcaps and trim rings and various engine components....along with the factory underdash AC unit!!

Here's a close-up of the AC unit. It seems to be in great shape, and I don't believe I'll have any trouble getting this to work.

     This '70 F-100 is the truck supplying my cab and front-end sheetmetal. This shot was taken after loosening most of the front clip. It's just about ready to remove. It's got a factory simulated vinyl's not just paint, it's textured and bumpy just like a vinyl top would be. I'll also use the passenger door from the '68 and the driver's door from this '70, both of which are virtually rust-free. I was considering keeping the '67 doors for the '67 look, since they're slightly different from later years because the door lock and latch mechanisms are different. The '67 uses the door operating mechanism to lock the door while '68-up had the little pull-knobs and paddle-type. But I believe it'll just be easier to use the later-style doors.
     The fenders are virtually rust-free, as is the hood and passenger door. The parts will find their way to the '67. The driver's door has some minor rust in the lower rear corner which should be an easy fix. The radiator core support and inner fender aprons are full of cancer, however. Even though the cab trim seems to be in pretty good shape, all trim will be removed.

This is why the truck was parked. He was hit by a little old lady, which tweaked the frame a little, in addition to the body damage shown.

A close-up reveals rust in this damaged cab corner, so it would have needed replaced anyway. But considering it's the only damage to the entire cab, I'd say it'll be a fine replacement candidate.

The tailgate is in great shape, so it will probably be used...though I'm not sure about the rear bumper. This is an adapted Chevy piece, and I'm thinking I'd prefer a painted bumper, anyway.

The original 302 has parts missing, most of which are inside the cab. It's got 100K+ miles, so it would at least need a basic ring and bearing job. However...

...I'd be more inclined to rebuild the 300 I6 resting in the bed. The 300 is a good engine with lots of torque, and might fit into my plan of an economical daily driver a bit more, while still being fun to drive.

July 1, 2003  -  I'm heading out this holiday weekend to get started on the green '70. We'll be towing it up to the house area so we have access to power and compressed air, to facilitate the removal of the front clip, cab and bumpers. Since we're stripping it down, we'll go ahead and pull the engine & tranny and get them stored out of the elements, at least until I decide if I'll want them or not. This all should be accomplished easily in a single day. I'll then haul everything back to my shop and get started on the immense amount of work to piece everything together. Stay tuned!

The plastic grille is shot, but I'd like to use the all-steel piece from my '67 anyway. The front of this hood has minor dings, but my '67's is perfect.

You are here: Home My Truck Projects The '67 Page 02

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