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You are here: Home Tech Articles General Ford Truck Basic Part Numbers - Regular Parts
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Ford Truck Basic Parts Numbers - Regular Parts

The information presented on this page is an 'supplement' to the How to Decipher FoMoCo Parts Numbers tutorial. The information presented in the following table was transcribed directly from the '64-'72 Ford Truck Master Parts Catalog (MPC) 1975 Final Issue. There are other similar Basic Part Number lists posted on various internet websites, but when comparing them to my MPC , I found many discrepancies in number ranges...with some ranges missing altogether, probably due to their pertaining to cars rather than trucks. Since these sites fail to note the source for their lists, I could not verify their accuracy, and therefore decided to transcribe the following table myself directly from the MPC.

Ford Basic Part Numbers
Regular Parts
(Chassis, Engine and Electrical)

1000-1250 Wheels, hubs and drums 12450-12499 Engine governor
1251-1349 (open numbers) 12500-12999 (open numbers)
1350-1499 Spare wheel carrier 13000-13299 Headlamps and parking lamps
1500-1724 Tires and Tubes 13300-13399 Turn signal
1725-1999 (open numbers) 13400-13699 License, tail and stop lamps
2000-2874 Brakes 13700-13799 Courtesy, dome, and instrument lamps and switches
2875-2999 Air compressor 13800-13949 Horn
3000-3499 Front axles and front suspension 13950-13999 (open numbers)
3500-3776 Steering gear and steering wheel 14000-14689 Wiring and circuit breakers, terminals and connectors, window regulator, fuse panel
3777-3999 (open numbers) 14690-14724 Seat regulator (electrical)
4000-4999 Rear axle and driveshaft and coupling shaft 14725-14999 Junction boxes and electrical conduit
5000-5149 Frame and brackets 15000-15074 Clocks and cigar lighter
5200-5299 Muffler, exhaust pipe and brackets 15075-15114 Lamp assy.  -cluster
5300-5350 Front springs 15115-15199 (See Note 1)
5351-5416 Sub-frame (for cab mounting) 15200-15399 Road and spotlamps
5417-5454 (open numbers) 15400-15489 Lamp assy. -marker
5455-5481 Front springs - clips, studs, bushings 15490-15579 Lamp assy. back-up and utility
5482-5499 Stabilizer and attaching parts 15580-15599 Lamp assy. Police flasher
5500-5515 Front spring covers 15600-15649 (See Note 1)
5516-5999 Rear springs & attaching parts 15650-15655 Map light
6000-6899 Engine and mounts 15656-15699 Top control
6900-6944 (See Note 1) 15700-15724 Engine compartment lamp
6945-6999 Engine installation and dress-up kits 15725-15759 Commercial pump motors
(NOTE: Not used on passenger car, truck and industrial engines.)
7000-7999 Transmission and Clutch 15760-15799 (open numbers)
8000-8499 Radiator and grille parts 15800-15849 Lamp assy. transmission control selector indicator
8500-8599 Water pumps 15850-15874 Parking brake signal
8600-8699 Fan and brackets 16000-16299 Front fenders, aprons and shields
8670-8999 (open numbers) 16300-16449 Rear fenders
9000-9423 Fuel tank, gauges, pumps and lines 16450-16549 Running boards and brackets
9424-9499 Manifolds, clamps, thermostats, etc. 16550-16579 Splash shields
9500-9599 Carburetor 16580-16599 (open numbers)
9600-9699 Air cleaner 16600-16999 Hood, brackets and controls
9700-9899 Thermostatic choke, acc. spark and choke control rods 17000-17149 Tools
9900-9999 (See Note 1) 17150-17249 (open numbers)
10000-10399 Generators and Alternators 17250-17384 Speedometer & tachometer
10400-10499 (open numbers) 17385-17399 (open numbers)
10500-10649 Voltage regulator 17400-17674 Windshield wipers & washers
10650-10837 Batteries and ammeters 17675-17748 Rear-view mirrors
10838-10999 Instrument cluster and controls 17749-17999 Front and rear bumpers and stone deflectors
11000-11529 Starter motor and starter switch 18000-18199 Shock absorbers
11530-11568 (open numbers) 18200-18241 (See Note 1)
11569-11619 Ignition switch 18242-18699 Heaters
11620-11644 (open numbers) 18700-18799 Air brakes
11645-11688 Lighting switch 18800-19499 Radio
11689-11999 (open numbers) 19500-19549 Misc. accessories
12000-12427 Ignition coil, distributor, spark plugs 19550-19999 Air Conditioners
12428-12449 (open numbers)  
NOTE 1: This series has become inactive and parts qualifying will be identified with part numbers from a more appropriate series.

NOTE 2: Subassembly parts or accessory kits may add an additional letter (starting with "A", then "B", and so on) following the thousands digit in the part number identifier. Thus, we have a Mustang automatic transmission shift lever with part number "C5ZZ-7213-M", while the accompanying selector dial for a center-console equipped Mustang would be "C5ZZ-7A213-D".


These tables are by no means all-inclusive, and I would gladly welcome your comments or corrections. Please e-mail me at

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You are here: Home Tech Articles General Ford Truck Basic Part Numbers - Regular Parts

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