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You are here: Home Technical Articles V.I.N. Data Decoding Your V.I.N. Tag - 1970
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Decoding Your V.I.N. Tag - 1970

The first three digits
identify the series:
Series Code
F-100 2WD F10
F-100 4WD F11
F-250 2WD F25
F-250 4WD F26
F-350 2WD F35
The fourth digit identifies
the engine:
Engine Code
240 cid, 6-cyl. A
300 cid, 6-cyl. (LD) B
302 cid, 8-cyl. G
390 cid, 8-cyl. (1) H
360 cid, 8-cyl. Y

(1) 2WD trucks only

See Engine Specifications chart below

The fifth digit identifies the assembly plant:
Assembly Plant Code
Ontario, CAN C
Dallas, TX D
Mawah, NJ E
Lorain, OH H
Kansas City K
Michigan Truck L
Norfolk, VA N
Twin Cities, MN P
San Jose, CA R
Allen Park, MI (Pilot plant) S
Louisville, KY U
Kentucky Truck V
The remaining six digits are the consecutive unit numbers:
Aug. 1969 -   G30,000 thru G49,999
Sep. 1969 -  G50,000 thru G69,99
Oct. 1969 -  G70,000 thru G89,999
Nov. 1969 -  G90,000 thru H09,999
Dec. 1969 -  H10,000 thru H29,999
Jan. 1970 -  H30,000 thru H49,999
Feb. 1970 -  H50,000 thru H69,999
Mar. 1970 -  H70,000 thru H89,999
Apr. 1970 -  H90,000 thru J09,999
May 1970 -  J10,000 thru J29,999
Jun. 1970 -  J30,000 thru J49,999
Jul. 1970 -  J50,000 thru J69,999
Aug. 1970 -  J70,000 thru J89,999

CLICK HERE to view actual production figures.

NOTE 1: The consecutive numbers for trucks were assigned just like Ford cars in the period, IE each assembly plant started with the same sequential number. Thus, the first truck in Kansas City production in 1970 would be assigned G30,000, as the first truck assigned to San Jose would also be G30,000. The unique serial number identifier would be the plant code.

NOTE 2: While researching these VIN pages, there have been many conflicting sets of numbers discovered. The numbers listed above are those listed in the 'Catalog of Ford Truck ID Numbers 1946-1972' and supported by the Oct. 1972 issue of Ford's technical bulletin 'Shop Tips' which also lists the same consecutive numbers. However, the 1975 Ford Master Parts Catalog shows G30,001 thru J70,000. In addition, reportedly the figures in the shop manuals are off some because they were printed at the beginning of the production year run. I've also heard from several truck owners who report higher unit numbers than those listed the research will continue. Stay tuned!

The W.B. (Wheelbase) code indicates the wheelbase in inches:
115" is a short wheelbase truck, while a long wheelbase truck is 131".
The Exterior color code indicates the paint color:
Color Code
Raven Black A
Royal Maroon B
Pure White C
Pinto Yellow D
Sky View Blue E
Mohave Tan F
Chrome Yellow G
Cactus Green H
Lime Metallic I
Red (heavy truck) J
Wimbledon White M
Norway Green N
Boxwood Green P
Brittany Blue Metallic Q
Yucatan Gold R
Champagne Gold Metallic S
Candyapple Red T
Tampico Yellow W
Reef Aqua Y
Baja Beige Z
New Lime 2
Crystal Green 4
Diamond Blue * 5
Acapulco Blue Metallic 6
Harbor Blue 7
Morning Gold 8
* The '70 Ford Truck Parts Catalog and the '64-'72 Master Parts Catalog ('75 Final Issue) show Code 5 to be 'Platinum'. However, Ford's 1970 Light Truck Exterior Color Selections brochure, as well as the 1970 paint chip sheets from Martin Senour and PPG shows Code 5 as 'Diamond Blue'.

The Model code indicates the model type and the gross vehicle weight in lbs.:
Model GVW
F-100 5,000
F101 4,200
F-102 (1) 5,000
F-103 4,500
F-104 4,800
F-110 (4x4) 5,600
F-111 (4x4) 5,000
F-112  (4x4)(1) 5,600
F-113 (4x4) 4,600
F-250 7,500
F-252 (1) 7,500
F-253 6,100
F-254 6,900
Model GVW
F-255 (1) 6,100
F-256 (1) 6,900
F-260 (4x4) 6,800
F-262 (4x4) 7,700
F-263 (4x4) 6,300
F-264 (4x4)(1) 7,700
F-350 8,000
F-351 10,000
F-352 (1) 8,000
F-353 6,600
F-354 8,300
F-355 9,000
(1) - Reference Pennsylvania registration data

The Body code: The first two digits are the interior trim code (listed below). The third digit is the body style (listed in table at right). If only two characters are needed for the trim code, there will be a space between the first and third digits. In the example pictured here (click to enlarge), you can see the three-digit body code, where the second digit is blank. "D-4" would indicate a Sport Custom cab with styleside box.


Parcel 0
Flareside Pickup 3
Styleside Pickup 4
Platform Stake 5
Windshield 6
Cowl 7
Chassis Cab 8
Platform 9





Lt./Med. Blue . 2, 1B, 23
Lt./Med. Blue . B, K, GB, BB
Lt./Med. Blue . 7B, AB
Med. Blue S
Parchment . 3, 1U, AA
Parchment . C, L, GU
Parchment . BU, 7U, AU
Parchment T
Parchment . C4, L4, T4
Parchment . SU, EU, 9U
Black . 4, 1A, 4B
Black . 4C, DB, 4A
Black . 43, D, M
Black . GA, BA, 7A
Black U
Black . FA
Red/Dk. Red . 5, 1D, 53
Color Vinyl Cloth Code
Red/Dk. Red .

E, N, GD

Red/Dk. Red . BD, 7D, AD
Dk. Red . V
Lt./Med. Ivy Green . 6, 1G, 63
Lt./Med. Ivy Green . F, O, GG
Lt./Med. Ivy Green . BG, 7G, AG
Lt./Med. Ivy Green . AU
Med. Ivy Green W
Black/Blue . 2B, 2C, BB
Black/Blue . 4A
Black/Parchment . 3B, 3C, CB
Black/Parchment . 4A
Black/Red . 5B, 5C, EB
Black/Red . 4A
Black/Ivy . 6B, 6C, FB
Black/Ivy . 4A
. . . .
The Transmission code indicates the transmission installed on the vehicle:

4-Speed New Process 435 A
3-speed overdrive T-85, T86 B
3-speed Ford Light Duty C
3-speed Warner Medium Duty T89C, E, F D
3-speed Warner T87E, G E
4-speed Syn. Warner T-18 F
Automatic G
4-speed Synchronized Warner T-19 P
The Rear Axle code: The first two digits represent the rear axle and the third represents the front axle, if applicable.
Front Axle Code


3.5M 4.55 Dana 6CF HD K
T.S. Locking 3.25 (3.3M) Ford (WFE) A1
T.S. Locking 3.70 (3.3M) Ford (WFE) A2
T.S. Locking 4.10 (5.2M) Dana 60 B4
T.S. Locking 4.56 (5.2M) Dana 60 B5
Locking 3.54 (4.8M) Dana 60.3E C1
Locking 3.73 (4.8M) Dana 60.3E C3
Locking 4.10 (4.8M) Dana 60.3E C5
Locking 4.56 (4.8M) Dana 60.3E C6
Locking 3.54 (5.2M) Dana 60 C7
Locking 3.73 (5.2M) Dana 60 C8
Locking 3.73 (7.4M) Dana 70 D6
Locking 4.10 (7.4M) Dana 70 D7
Locking 4.56 (7.4M) Dana 70 D8
Locking 3.54 (5.05M) Dana 60.3E G1
Locking 3.73 (5.05M) Dana 60.3E G2
Locking 4.10 (5.05M) Dana 60.3E G3
T.S. Locking 3.25 (3.6M) Ford (WFF) H1
T.S. Locking 3.50 (3.6M) Ford (WFF) H2
T.S. Locking 4.09 (3.6M) Ford (WFF) H3
- 3.00 (3.3M) Ford 02
- 4.11 (3.3M) Ford 05
- 4.57 (3.3M) Ford 06
- 3.00 (3.05M) Ford 07
- 3.50 (3.3M) Ford 08
- 3.70 (3.3M) Ford 09
- 3.25 (3.05M) Ford 10
- 3.50 (3.05M) Ford 11
- 4.11 (3.05M) Ford (1970-71) 12
- 3.70 (3.05M) Ford (1972)
- 3.25 (3.3M) Ford 17
- 4.88 (7.4M) Dana 70 22
- 5.13 (7.4M) Dana 70 23
- 4.10 (5.2M) Dana 60 24
- 4.56 (5.2M) Dana 60 25
- 4.10 (7.4M) Dana 70 27
- 4.56 (7.4M) Dana 70 28
- 3.54 (4.8M) Dana 60.3E 31
- 3.73 (4.8M) Dana 60.3E 33
- 4.10 (4.8M) Dana 60.3E 35
- 4.56 (4.8M) Dana 60.3E 36
- 3.73 (7.4M) Dana 70
- 3.54 (5.2M) Dana 60 37
- 3.73 (5.2M) Dana 60 38
- 3.54 (5.05M) Dana 60.3 71
- 3.73 (5.05M) Dana 60.3 72
- 4.10 (5.05M) Dana 60.3 73
- 4.56 (5.05M) Dana 60.3 74

SOURCE: 1964-1972 Ford Truck Master Parts Catalog
1975 Final Edition


The MAX. G.V.W. LBS. code indicates the maximum gross vehicle weight in pounds

The CERT. NET. H.P. code indicates the certified net horsepower at specified rpm.


The D.S.O. code:
Identifies the district which ordered the vehicle. If the vehicle is built on a D.S.O (Domestic Special Order), F.S.O. (Foreign Special Order) or L.S.O. (Limited Production Option), the complete order (invoice) number will also be reflected under the DSO space including the District Code Number.
(CLICK HERE to see an example of a 1969 Ford truck order form, with the invoice number which would have been included.)

District Code
Boston 11
New York 13
Newark 15
Philadelphia 16
Washington 17
Atlanta 21
Charlotte 22
Jacksonville 24
Richmond 25
Louisville 28
Cleveland 32
Detroit 33
Lansing 35
Buffalo 37
Pittsburgh 38
Chicago 41
Milwaukee 43
Twin Cities 44
Davenport 45
Indianapolis 46
Cincinnati 47
District Code
Denver 51
Kansas City 53
Omaha 54
St. Louis 55
Davenport 56
Dallas 61
Houston 62
Memphis 63
New Orleans 64
Oklahoma City 65
Los Angeles 71
San Jose 72
Salt Lake City 73
Seattle 74
Phoenix 75
Government 83
Home Office Reserve 84
American Red Cross 85
Body Company 87
Transportation Services 89
Export 90's

1970 Ford Custom F-100

Ford of Canada
District Code
Central B1
Eastern B2
Atlantic B3
Midwestern B4
Western B6
Pacific B7
Export I2
1970 Ford Truck Engine Specifications
Engine Code No. Cyl. CID Horsepower Comp. Ratio Carb
A 6 240 150 9.2:1 1-bbl
B 6 300 165 8.8:1 1-bbl
G 8 302 205 8.6:1 2-bbl
Y 8 360 215 8.4:1 2-bbl
H 8 390 255 8.6:1 2-bbl

You are here: Home Technical Articles V.I.N. Data Decoding Your V.I.N. Tag - 1970

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