What years of 4 speeds can I use in my 66

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What years of 4 speeds can I use in my 66

Postby junkyardjeff » Mon Sep 11, 2017 7:31 pm

The rebuilt 460 and C-6 that I thought was a killer deal was not quite that so going back to a FE and 4 speed this winter,was thinking about putting the toploader 4 speed in it but the bellhousing is too deep so I think I will just stay with a truck 4 speed. I need to know just how new of a trans can I use that will have the same length input shaft.

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Re: What years of 4 speeds can I use in my 66

Postby farmallmta » Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:45 am

Any truck 4spd from 1965 through 1976 from behind an FE or 240/300 6cyl will work for you. Truck 4spds were available as either the T-18 or the NP-435. A quick way to tell the difference other than appearance is the T-18 shift pattern for reverse is over to the right and up. For the NP-435, it's over the the right and down. Both are excellent transmissions and can be completely rebuilt for reasonable cost in parts and labor.

You can use a toploader if you use the car FE bellhousing. If you already have a toploader, I may have an extra car FE bellhousing that would be what you need. All toploaders I've seen have a slip yoke at the end of the "long" tailshaft, whereas your truck's 4spd had a bolt-on yoke at the end of the "short" tailshaft. Minor modification of the driveline may be required but any driveline shop can shorten the driveshaft for you easily and at reasonable cost.

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