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You are here: Home Tech Articles & Tutorials Interior / Electrical 1972 Ford Truck Wiring Diagrams
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1972 Ford Truck Wiring Diagrams


The following wiring diagram is an EXTREMELY LARGE file! It consists of the contents of EIGHT pages that have been stitched together into a single file. In fact, I have personally invested more than 100 man-hours into this diagram. Please be patient while it downloads. If you're on a dial-up account, I feel sorry for ya!

Because of the physical dimensions of this file, some older computers with limited resources might be unable to properly display it. Therefore, this file has also been broken down into seven smaller files which can be viewed and/or downloaded below. To save to your computer for future use, just right-click on the thumbnails below and choose "Save Link As...".

The diagram legend is also displayed below for help in deciphering the diagram contents.

1972 Ford F-100 thru F-350 Master Wiring Diagram
Image Size: 11,438p x 1698p  ~  File Size: 1.72MB

Page 1
Sec. 1-10
Page 2
Sec. 11-20
Page 3
Sec. 21-30
Page 4
Sec. 31-40
Page 5
Sec. 41-51
Page 6
Sec. 52-60
Page 7
Sec. 61-75

4187p x 1536p  ~  1.01MB

Connector Legend
Every harness connection in the above main wiring diagrams is labeled with a connector ID number. Refer to the legend at left for correct connector pin-out.

NOTE: This legend is accurately replicated from the original OEM factory wiring diagrams, including three connectors (C-24, C-38, C-80) which have the same connector ID number but multiple differing pin-out variations. Therefore, be sure the diagram you’re referring to on this legend coincides with the connector’s physical location in the wiring harness. The connectors with identical ID numbers but different pin-outs are labeled to show their location on the Master Wiring Diagram.

Everything shown below this point will help you locate and identify the various components, connectors, splices and grounds shown in the above diagram(s).  All links will open in a new window, to allow this page to remain open for reference.

 Locator Index


Location Page

Air Conditioner

     Blower Motor H-38 4
     Blower Motor and Clutch Control Switch F-37 4
     Blower Motor Resister G-37 4
     Clutch Solenoid K-37 4
     Temperature Control Switch J-37 4
     Thermostatic Switch G-37 4
Alternator (Lites and Gauges) C-8 or C-11 1 or 2
Alternator Indicator Lamp C-38 4
Alternator Regulator (Lites and Gauges) G-8 or G-11 2 or 3
Ambient Sensor Switch G-12 & G-14 2
Ammeter B-12 2
Back-up Lamps K-31, K-32, K-33 & J-62 4 & 7
Back-up Lamp Switches F-32, F-33, & D-33 4
Battery C-2 1
Cargo Lamp J-53 6
Cargo Lamp Switch J-53 6
Cigar Lighter Illumination Lamp G-51 5
Cigar Lighter G-53 6
Cluster Illumination Lamps F-50, K-50 & K-51 5
Constant Voltage Regulator C-41 & C-43 5
Courtesy Lamp Switches D-52 & F-52 6
Distributor J-2 & K-2 1
Dome Lamp J-52 6
Dual Brake Warning Lamp D-19 2
Dual Brake Warning Switch H-20 2
Emergency Warning Flasher C-56 6
Emergency Warning Flasher Switch E-56 6
Emission Control Module H-14 1
Engine Compartment Lamp F-7 1
Fuel Gauge E-42 & E-44 5
Fuel Gauge Selector Switch J-42 5
Fuel Tank Sender K-42 & K-44 5
     Dimmer Switch E-48 5
     Hi-Beam Indicator Lamp K-49 5
     Switch C-49 5
     L.H. K-47 5
     R.H. K-48 5
     Blower Motor H-36 4
     Blower Motor Resister G-35 4
     Blower Motor Switch F-35 4
     Control Illumination Lamp G-51 5
     R.P.O. F-17 2
     Relay C-16 2
     Standard F-17 2
     Switch F-16 2
Ignition Coil F-3 1
Ignition Switch C-24 2
License Lamps K-58 & J-67 6 & 7
Marker Lamps    
     Canadian Mirror D-68 & D-69 7
     Platform K-72 7
     Relay D-74 7
     Roof C-71 7
     Side K-56, K60, J-65 & J-70 6 & 7
Oil Pressure    
     Gauge E-43 & E-45 5
     Sender K-45 5
     Switch J-39 4
     Warning Lamp E-39 4
Park and Turn Signal Lamps K-54 & K-55 6
Radio Receiver D-26 & D-27 3
Radio Speaker E-26 & J-27 3
Speedometer Sensor J-14 1
Starting Motor H-5 1
Starting Motor Relay C-6 & C-61 1 & 7
Stop Lamp Switch B-57 6
Stop and Turn Signal Lamps K-57, K-59 & J-69 6 & 7
Suppression Capacitor G-9 & G-11 1 & 2
Temperature Gauge E-41 & E-44 5
Temperature Sender J-40 4
Throttle Solenoid G-13 2
Transmission Switch K-12 2
Turn Signal Flasher C-59 6
Turn Signal Indicator Lamps E-57, E-58 & E-60 6
Turn Signal Switch D-59 6
Vacuum Solenoid J-12 & J-13 2
     Washer Pump H-29 3
     Washer Switch F-29 3
     Wiper Motor D-29 3
     Wiper Switch E-29 3

 Wire Code
  To Ignition Switch

  Direct to Battery

  Bus Bar

 Ground Codes
  • G-1  -  Eyelet attached to engine block
  • G-2  -  Eyelet attached to engine block
  • G-3  -  Eyelet attached to center of the dash panel
  • G-4  -  Eyelet attached to "Y" brace under instrument panel
  • G-5  -  Eyelet on heater case
  • G-6  -  Eyelet attached to R.H. inner cowl side panel
  • G-7  -  Eyelet attached to frame crossmember
  • G-8  -  Eyelet attached to cab inner back panel
  • G-9  -  Eyelet attached to R.H. radiator support
  • G-10  -  Eyelet attached to L.H. radiator support
  • G-11  -  Eyelet attached to dash panel L.H. side
  • G-12  -  Eyelet attached to rear quarter panel L.H. side
  • G-13  -  Eyelet attached to rear quarter panel R.H. side
  • G-14  -  Eyelet attached to L.H. cowl panel
  • G-15  -  Eyelet attached to L.H. side of platform frame rear
  • G-16  -  Eyelet attached to rear lamp bracket L.H. and R.H. side
  • G-17  -  Eyelet attached to rear end of frame L.H. and R.H. side
  • G-18  -  Eyelet attached to L.H. side of stone shield
  • G-19  -  Eyelet attached to voltage regulator mounting screw
  • G-20  -  Eyelet attached to speedometer mounting screw
Splice Codes
  • S-1  -  In 14305 Wiring Assy. (Standard instrument cluster)
  • S-2  -  In 14305 Wiring Assy. (R.P.O. cluster)
  • S-3  -  In 14305 Wiring Assy. (R.P.O. cluster)
  • S-4  -  In 14401 Wiring Assy. near fuse panel
  • S-5  -  In 14401 Wiring Assy. near ignition switch or fuse panel
  • S-6  -  In 14401 Wiring Assy. near R.H. hood hinge (standard cluster)
  • S-7  -  In 14401 Wiring Assy. near ignition switch
  • S-8  -  In Camper 14405 Wiring Assy.
  • S-9  -  In Camper 14405 Wiring Assy.
  • S-10  -  In Camper 14405 Wiring Assy.

You are here: Home Tech Articles & Tutorials Interior / Electrical 1972 Ford Truck Wiring Diagrams

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