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Finding Your V.I.N.

Where is it? And what do all these codes mean?

An often-asked question to me regards trying to find the Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N.) for their '67-'72 Ford pickup, or how to decipher it once it's found. Quite often the question might be about how to determine if the V.I.N. shown on the driver's door is correct, since it doesn't match the one listed on the vehicle's title.

Let's start from the beginning: Ford riveted a small aluminum warranty tag to the driver's door on all their pickups which looks like this (but obviously with different numbers).

The information contained on the warranty plate includes the V.I.N., wheelbase, exterior color, model type, body type, transmission type, rear axle, maximum gross vehicle weight (GVW) in lbs., certified net horsepower, RPM and D.S.O. (Direct Special Order) numbers.

FYI: The warranty tag is just there for factory warranty purposes, used by the factory to service the truck. Once the warranty has expired, this tag serves no further useful function, other than to inform the owner about details about the truck. However...the VIN stamped on this warranty tag is NOT legal for title or registration purposes. The only legal V.I.N. for title and registration purposes are the ones stamped on the right/front frame rail. Federal law dictates that the only legal number is the permanent number, the one that can't be easily transferred to a different vehicle...and those are the two stamped on the frame, shown below.

Often during the course of normal life, the driver's door might have been replaced due to an accident or rust repair, but the warranty tag on the donor door is sometimes not replaced with the correct tag from the vehicle being fixed. It might be some time before anyone notices, but as luck would have it, it's usually a policeman or the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) who catches the error. Because the V.I.N. on the 'new' data tag doesn't match that listed on the vehicle's title, it creates problems for the owner trying to prove that he actually DOES own his truck and that it's not an attempt at deception. Therefore, you need an alternate source for the vehicle's V.I.N.

In addition to the V.I.N. on the driver's warranty tag, the number is also stamped on the frame in two different places, both on the topside of the right frame rail. The first one is in the engine compartment, just below the alternator on two-wheel-drive pickups or just behind the front axle on four-wheel-drive pickups.

The second number is stamped just under where the seat would be located. You'll likely need a flashlight and small mirror to read this one.

These frame stamps are usually hard to read, so be sure to grab a wire brush and some rags to clean the grime off.

Click the thumbnail at right to see the two V.I.N. locations on the truck's frame.

(Caution: Very large image file...please be patient while it downloads.)

The first two images here show the VIN stamped onto the right/front frame rail. All you have to do is lift the hood, it's right there. However, you're probably going to have to do a little cleaning to see it.
This shot shows the second frame stamping under the cab. You'll need a mirror for this one.

Once the V.I.N. number is found, deciphering it and the codes on the V.I.N. tag can provide you with clues as to the options installed by the factory, such as engine size, transmission and rearend type, interior/exterior colors, etc. To decipher your V.I.N., click on the link below which corresponds to the correct year of your truck.

| 1967 |

| 1968 |

| 1969 |

| 1970 |

| 1971 |

| 1972 |

You are here: Home V.I.N. Data Finding Your V.I.N.

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