Article 1455 - Inspection of 1968-69 Vehicles for Carrier Damage

TSB #96 - August 2, 1968

Due to the location of tail and parking light lenses, damage to them has increased and is frequently not being noted by dealers upon receipt of the vehicle.

Other damage items such as mouldings, steering wheels, fuel tanks, wheel covers, bumpers and exhaust components are overlooked at new vehicle receipt and inspection and are incorrectly submitted on 1863 claims as factory defects.

Carrier damage should be handled in accordance with Warranty and Policy Manual Subject 4.0 with regard to inspection, and Subject 2.4 on filing the 3715 claim brief for carrier damage.

Failure to completely inspect new vehicles for carrier damage at the time the vehicle is received may ultimately result in the denial of an improperly submitted 1963 claim.