Article 1448 - 4 Speed Transmission (NPG) Shift Tower and Shift Lever Revision

TSB No. 96 - August 2, 1968
(1968 F100, F350, F100-F250 4x4; P-350-500 Trucks)

A new lower "shift pivot point" shift tower and revised shift levers have been released to reduce shift effort in the NPG 4-speed transmissions. These parts were effective in production in November 1967.

Complaints of hard shift in forward gears can be corrected by installing the new shift tower and corresponding shift lever on 1967 and early 1968 models. The new design shift tower shift lever must be used together as neither individual part can be used with the old design part.

The new shift tower can be identified by the part number 97758 cast in tower casting (the old design part number is 97233).

F-100-350 4x2C8TZ-7210-ZC7TZ-7210-H1Shift Lever
F-100-250 4x4C8TZ-7210-AAC7TZ-7210-J1Shift Lever
P-350-500C8TZ-7210-ABC7TZ-7210-MShift Lever
AllC8TZ-7222-FC7TZ-7222-AShift Tower Assembly

Oper: Applicable suggested time schedule operation