Article 2985 - Throttle Linkage Kit - New

TSB #146 - August 7, 1970
(All C-Series Trucks Equipped with Caterpillar V-8 Diesel Engines)

A new throttle linkage kit has been made available for the subject vehicles. Owners whose vehicles are habitually subjected to extreme cold weather will find the kit improves throttle action during cold weather operations. The kit may be installed as a product improvement. Detailed instructions are outlined below: Rework Instructions:
    • Remove all accelerator cable components from vehicle.
    • Install new components. Refer to Figures 10, 11, and 12 for installation procedures.
    • Rework the fuel filter bracket to dimensions shown on Figure 13.
    • Rework the governor assembly. Refer to Figures 14 and 15.
    - Before removing lever, paint or scribe a horizontal line on the lever shaft. Refer to Figure 14.
    - Remove 9L9444 Governor Control Lever and bolt.
NOTE: Do not change the setting of the adjustment bolt when removing this lever.
    - Install the new lever assembly 9L-7004 and bolt. Align the lever with the scribed mark in line with the lever slot. Refer to Figure 15. Install bolt 1A9579 and torque 13 to 23 foot lbs.
    - Install the new spring bracket and spring. Refer to Figure 15.
NOTE: Figures 16 and 17 applicable to engines equipped with min/max type governors only. (Kit includes parts for both the min/ max and hydromechanical type governors.)

Control Adjustment:
    • Adjust rod (Item 6 - Figure 10) to length shown and install.
    • Install rod (Item 24 - Figure 12).
    • Connect rod assembly (Item 13 - Figure 11) to shaft and housing assembly (Item 8 — Figure 11) and connect shaft assembly (Item 23 - Figure 12).
    • With cab down and latched, depress accelerator pedal against stop bolt and adjust rod (Item 23).
    • With cab down and latched, depress accelerator pedal against stop bolt and adjust rod assembly (Item 13) until governor lever is at wide open throttle (no break over).
    • Shorten rod assembly (Item 13) two additional turns to achieve break over of governor.
NOTE: Governor break over lever is designed to achieve wide open throttle and prevent damage to internal governor parts.

Part No.Part NameClassReq.Avail.
D0HZ-9725-BThrottle Link. KitCG1OK

Figure 10
Figure 11
Figure 12
Figure 13
Figure 14
Figure 15
Figure 16
Figure 17

Reimbursable under the provisions of the Warranty & Policy Manual.
Operation: SP-9725-A-70 Time: 1.9 Hrs.

DLR. CODING: Basic Part No. 9725 - Code 41