Article 2069 - Engine Warning Lights Inoperative or Malfunction

TSB #131 - January 16, 1970
(Ford and Falcon - 1970)

The engine (alternator, oil, and temperature) and brake warning lights are on a fused circuit (see Figure 15). Depending on the electrical equipment on the vehicle, certain feedback conditions can exist when the fuse is "blown" that will cause one or more of the warning lights to stay on or operate abnormally. Therefore, be sure to check the fuse when diagnosing problems with the warning lights.

NOTE: Because of the new ignition switch design used with the locking column, the alternator and oil lights do not function with the switch in the accessory position.

The following additional electrical equipment can also be on the same fuse.
    FORD — Key warning buzzer, carburetor solenoid, distributor modulator
    FALCON - Seat belt warning light, safety convenience system