Article 2059 - Clutch Housing Attaching Bolt Seal Oil Leakage

TSB #131 - January 16, 1970
(1970 Fairlane and 1969 Ford Vehicles with 429 CID Engine and Standard Transmissions)

The upper left hand transmission to engine mounting bolt hole is connected directly to an engine oil area and is, therefore, subject to oil leakage and resultant clutch slippage on standard transmission vehicles. The sealing of this bolt is described below for correcting engine oil leakage and resealing when clutch housing is removed.

    1. After removal, the upper left hand attaching bolt should be thoroughly cleaned of all foreign material or replaced by a brand new bolt No. 377910-S2 (7/16-14 x 2.36).
    2. Obtain locally (hardware store or plumber's supply) a supply of Teflon tape that is approximately .0035" by 1/4" to 1/2" wide.
    3. Place one (1) wrap of the tape around the bolt used, starting at approximately the second thread from the end of the bolt that goes into the clutch housing attaching hole.
    4. Install Teflon wrapped bolt in upper left hand hole of clutch housing, and torque to 40-50 lb.
NOTE: Late model 1970 Fairlane vehicles will incorporate a nylon patch type seal bolt that will only require identifying the bolt and making sure it is returned to its original position in the upper left hand attaching hole. New bolts are identified by size (7/16-14 x 1-1/2") and a clutch housing attaching hole boss that is .62" thick. All older bolts are 2.36" long.