Article 2006 - Clutch Housing - Remove and Install

TSB #127 - November 21, 1969
(Fairlane, Montego 429 C.I.D. 8 Cylinder 4 Speed Standard Transmission)

Revise existing procedure to conform with new procedure of removing and installing clutch housing. New procedures is consistent with service labor time standard effective September 19, 1969.

It has been noted that clutch housing removal on the subject vehicle is difficult. The new upper clutch housing to cylinder block bolts can not, in some instances, be removed from the clutch housing due to close tolerances between the body, chassis, and engine.

To remove the clutch housing after the transmission has been removed, lift the rear of the engine and place a block of wood (2" x 4" x 6") between the steering linkage and oil pan. Remove the starter motor from the clutch housing, remove the rear engine plate to clutch housing bolts, disconnect the clutch linkage and retracting spring, and remove the four lower clutch housing to cylinder block bolts (leave bolts in clutch housing), pull the clutch housing off of the cylinder block dowels, rotate the clutch housing counter-clockwise (about 50 degrees), and remove the clutch housing from the vehicle.

To install the clutch housing, first place Teflon tape on the L.H. upper bolt and position the upper two bolts in the clutch housing, then repeat the "to remove" procedure in reverse to complete the installation.

Operation: 7003-A-3
Time: As shown in Service Labor Time Standards Book effective September 19, 1969.