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STICKY: Forum Guidelines - Please read!

Postby FORDification » Sun Jul 11, 2004 1:39 am

Hi everyone...welcome to the FORDification discussion forum. There aren't many rules here, but there ARE a few suggestions/requests:

1) Please take a moment to review the various topic listings and post your question(s) in the most relevant arena. Postings which are deemed off-topic will be moved to where it would most likely be considered on-topic. This includes offers to buy, sell or trade parts or vehicles. I encourage those types of discussion...all I ask is you keep it where it belongs. If it appears there are questions which don't fit any particular category, a new topic can be added at a later date.

2) There are no filters in place here, in regards to vendors, language, etc. The honor system in policing yourself is preferred, and I strongly encourage you to act mature. This forum is not a democracy...any posting which I deem unfit for general consumption will be immediately removed. Repeat offenders will be banned from posting. I could always start with the filters, but I believe this should be a free forum...moderated with restraint, to a point, however. Which brings me to another request...

3) Please don't feed the trolls! You know the type: always stirring up trouble, swearing, or posting things of bad taste. Ignore them and they'll go away...or be banished with malice. I have no tolerance for intolerance.

4) As a courtesy to the readers, spelling and punctuation is something you probably should try to keep as accurate as possible. While a misspelled word or two is no catastrophe, if every other word is so misspelled that a reader has to study it to make out what it's supposed to be, chances are he's going to give up and move on to the next post. Also, a run-on sentence, which actually might be two or three (or more) sentences just spilling out onto the next with no breaks is equally hard to follow. Remember...PERIODS and COMMAS are your friends! they'll make it more likely somebody will respond to your post, since they're not such a chore to read.

Just have fun, behave yourself (for the most part) and enjoy being a part of a great group!

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