Late model ford question

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Late model ford question

Postby Specialbob » Fri Aug 11, 2017 7:05 pm

Not sure if anyone can help, so I have a 69 f250. I'm putting in an 05 5.4L 3v engine. Having a hard time finding the f150 engine harness in a stand alone kit. I've heard rumors that the 4.6l 3v engine harness from mustang will work for the 5.4. If so i can get an aftermarket harness in stand alone. Can anyone confirm this?

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Re: Late model ford question

Postby MadMike » Fri Aug 18, 2017 2:05 am

You will want to verify that the aftermarket kits you are looking at are for use with the truck intakes and not the Mustangs. The TB and various sensors are not in quite the same places.

In my limited swappage with later model harness into older vehicles unless you can purchase a kit from the OEM or original manufacture, such as Ford's Control Pack, reusing the donor engines harness is much simpler. It will give you the same reliability as typical OEM harness, it will be easier to diagnose problems as you can use the donor truck as a reference. And if you wish to add say headers and/or a supercharger, again you can install it like installing it on the original donor vehicle without worries of having to rewire.

I doubt anyone will have a properly programmed standalone for the 5.4 3V. I would highly suggest sticking with the factory harness and PCM. When the install is complete bring it to a tuner, something you would have to do with a stand alone anyway, and just have them turn off aspects of the PCM that you would not need/use, such as the secondary after cat O2S, fuel tank pressure/vent/EVAP sensors and the like. Fords ECMs from the 80s and PCMs from the 90s are very versatile, the current PCMs are even better, there are no current standalone(at least not in the typical budget) that would give you the instant driveability as the Ford PCM would.

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