69-F250 auto battery charge need help

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69-F250 auto battery charge need help

Postby GerardAnte » Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:06 am


I might want to ask you, need your help for the auto battery charger in my 69-F250.

As the exposition appears, This auto battery charger circuit can be utilized to charge 12V and 6V batteries. On the off chance that it is utilized a transformer that can convey 4A to 5A at a voltage in the vicinity of 12.6V and 16V then we can dispose of the switch for 6V or 12V batteries. The schematic is given beneath.

It likewise gave some support tip about the auto battery.

The auto battery charging current is consequently constrained to 4.2A. On the off chance that there is a 600mV voltage on R1 (4A through it), at that point, the T1 transistor begins to direct. Inordinate charging current is stayed away from in light of the fact that the present estimation of T3's base is constrained. The distinction between connected load current (at T4's authority) and genuine voltage of the battery are adjusted through T4's gatherer producer intersection. According to the datasheet of 2N3055AG https://www.icrfq.com/part/1926205-2N3055AG.html

The power contribution of 2N3055AG is the result of load current and voltage distinction as of now said. While charging 6V auto battery this power achieves a greatest of 40W. The rectifier diodes must have the capacity to convey 4A at 40V. T4 2N3055 must be mounted on a decent heatsink keeping in mind the end goal to scatter the warmth.

I can't comprehend what byx21-40 is?

1) Is it like a diode rectifier ??
2)and what is 21-40 implies like between 21-40 or simply it's datasheet code (since I scarcely discovered it on google)
3)and if it's being sold similarly as it is and consider the possibility that I didn't discover it in the market.

Sorry to everyone for asking too much question, and many thanks to anyone who replies.

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