Speedometer firewall seal replacement

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Speedometer firewall seal replacement

Postby OLDYELLAR68 » Sun Jan 21, 2018 2:20 am

Hello All,

I would like to replace the speedometer cable firewall seal in my 68 F100, 360/C6 truck. The speedometer cable has a foam rubber tube type seal at the firewall, and another longer one down more towards the transmission which I think is just to keep the speedo cable from rubbing on the body. The fittings on both ends of the speedo cable are female threads that go to the speedometer and transmission. I have found the foam rubber tube type firewall seal at LMC and CJPonyparts, but am wondering how you install it with the large metal fittings at each end of the cable? Does not seem like the seal will go over the fittings without ripping them. Looks like I'll have to cut the seal lengthwise with a razor knife, install on speedo cable, then glue seal back together. Any thoughts on a good glue that won't eat my new seal?

Speedo seal.jpg
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Re: Speedometer firewall seal replacement

Postby cdnwillyg » Tue Feb 20, 2018 10:52 am

I think cutting it is the only way it will go one. As for gluing it, it may not be necessary to do, it very well should close in around the cable when in the firewall. :2cents:
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