1967 truck plates

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1967 truck plates

Postby 1Grizly Bear » Thu Feb 25, 2016 11:38 am

Hi to all,
My survivor 1967 F250 pick up truck needs complimenting license plates - no replicas - which runs the series T 60000 to U 89000, on white background, green digits with green border, "TRK." and "WN." bottom centered, no year digits.

If you want to exchange, I have 1967 passenger plates, set of two in decent condition - would sell these passenger plates if your leads get me the corresponding truck plates. I tried to have DOL allow that set for my truck with no luck.

I would appreciate useful information to get my truck properly licensed in the State of Washington, for instance, 'loop holes', specific regulation which allow the passenger plates to be used on my truck...etc, anything would help.
1967 F250 8Cyl. Custom Cab

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