4wd and 2wd front coil spring interchange ??

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4wd and 2wd front coil spring interchange ??

Postby Rick » Sat May 30, 2009 9:29 am

I am wanting to replace the coil springs in the front of my 1972 F100 4wd, the vendors list the springs as fitting 1965 through 1979 f100 2wd and 4 wd. Is this correct? Just don't want to buy somthing and it not fit correctly, also, will the front coil springs from a 1970 F350 fit , I have one of those as a parts truck if that will work.

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Re: 4wd and 2wd front coil spring interchange ??

Postby cep62 » Sat May 30, 2009 11:21 am

4wd and 2wd are different
They used to make a snowplow spring that gave about a 2" lift to level the truck,but I could'nt find them a few years ago. they gave a softer ride than the off road springs.

What I did to my current plow truck was to get the James Duff 5" lift springs for a '66-'76 bronco that gave about a 2"lift on the fullsize trucks and a softer ride . They're a variable rate spring so when i have my plow up the top coils are touching but the the rest are spaced apart. I've been using this set up for 5 years and been happy.

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