'93 E350 rotor swap drw to srw type

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'93 E350 rotor swap drw to srw type

Postby MaxAirflow » Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:02 pm

Howdy All
I have a '93 Tioga motorhome E350 chassis, 460 V8, twin I beam front suspension dually rear wheels and want/need to swap the wide track front rotors to standard single rear wheel type without that 4" or so extension that moves the spindle flange out almost flush with the front fenders. I've been gifted 20" x 9" wheels n tires (275/55r 20's) wirh zero offset, so call 'em 4.5" backspace.
Can I swap rotors for the single rear wheel type? same bearings and seals, or? Are the spindles the same? rotor to spindle offset suitable?
thx much in advance, 1 n All

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Re: '93 E350 rotor swap drw to srw type

Postby Ranchero50 » Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:12 pm

There were at least three different widths on the rear, dually pickup, box truck and tow truck (wire to narrow). For the front, depends on what spindle you have. It's been a long times since I was in a '90's dually front brakes. I'd recommend browsing different parts books and see what the differences are. Might just need to remove the rotor extension like some Dodges do.
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