Parts Number Index updated: '68-'72 w/integral A/C

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Parts Number Index updated: '68-'72 w/integral A/C

Postby FORDification » Fri Dec 25, 2009 11:39 pm

I've just posted a new parts numbers page, this one showing all part numbers used on the in-cab integral air-conditioning unit '68-'72 F100/350 trucks.


Air Conditioning Unit, Factory Integral

I also started something new with this page, which is to show actual photographs of the parts listed, just for the visual aid. I don't currently have pictures for every single part, but they'll eventually be coming. I'm also planning on going back to the other part number pages already constructed, and update them in a similar manner. I'll be attempting to locate pictures of NOS pieces and using them, but occasionally I might be forced to use a shot of a 'broken-in' part ;) until a more-suitable version can be found.
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