Sandblaster, and Powder Coat Do it yourself style!

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Re: Sandblaster, and Powder Coat Do it yourself style!

Postby IN2FORD » Thu Oct 05, 2017 12:20 pm

I have the small HF cabinet and has worked fine for me. I picked up the coal media at Tractor Supply for it and it is great for knocking rust off. I also had the eastwood powder coating system . Worked fine as well. I used an old [censored] oven to bake my parts. Anything large I took it to a local place. But to be honest, unless you are just wanting to learn, you are better off paying someone to do it. I built a nice booth with a filter/fan to draw air into booth so that it would retain any powder that did not reach the part. It still gets everywhere. Plus there is enough competition that getting someone else to do it is not that expensive. I try to pick colors that he shoots on a regular basis and tell him to paint mine with his other stuff. Most of what I have had done lately was black so easy to slide in with his large runs. If you are needing special colors that will drive the cost up.


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