2000 F250 six spd crew 2wd

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2000 F250 six spd crew 2wd

Postby dolinick » Mon Sep 04, 2017 12:16 am

Hi i am bumpless. someone stole my 1968 F750 and i sold the '67 F100 Ranger.

My F250 needs a new manual transmission. I might sell her.

I still got the 1974 chevy Nova.

I just need a car or truck for transportation to work. I might keep to Crown Victoria going but
I'd rather get rid of her and drive something else. i found a Mitsubishi for less than $1,000 but don't
know if that is a good deal.

1968 F750, 460 V8, 10 speeds, air brakes, semi tractor (not registered but runs good)
1967 F100 Ranger, 240 I6, 3 speed, long bed
1974 Chevy Nova, 250 I6 , 3 speed (daily driver?)
1982 Chevette (no title, bad tranny, not running, for electric car project)
2002 Crown Victoria LX Sport (34k miles!)

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