1970 F250 Camper Special for sale

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1970 F250 Camper Special for sale

Postby btec116 » Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:21 am

1970 F250 Camper Special for sale; FE-360 V8, C6 auto trans, 2WD 3/4 ton single cab, fleetside, 8 foot bed. Plated and Registered to AUG-2018!
Really-local CA-truck! Built in San Jose, lived somewhere around Lodi!

75000-ish miles (hard to know), a bit rough, but runs good! Perfect Rat-Resto truck base (which is what it should have turned into by now...).

Current status:
Engine: Starts, runs well, but not exactly fresh... Plugs, distributor cap and cables changed, carb rebuilt, new fuel pump and filter, all hoses replaced right back to the tank.

Trans: Flushed, new fluid (a month or so ago), drives OK, no slip but sloppy shifts.

Radiator: Looks new-ish (definitely not original) core is good, cools well. Also water pump replaced less than 6 months ago.

Brakes: Rebuilt! Boosted, HD drums all round, New master cyl, Wilwood adjustable prop valve, all front axle and MC lines new, kept original rear (it's clean and good); I hand-bent and ran new lines for the front axle, made perfect factory crimps with a hydraulic crimper, new jounce hoses all around, one replaced front drum (bad runout - I checked the others but they were good and had hardly any use, drums were smooth and true and shoes were still fat, so I left them).

Steering: A little slop but not bad, could use new kingpin bushes, has a new steering coupling. Also New front wheel bearings.
WHeels/tyres: Brand new tyres - 100% tread! On some nice deep 16" alloys, was told they're Fords but could never source them. Anyway, was perfectly my taste and suits the truck well. Wheels and tyres alone cost me $1000...
Suspension: Needs shocks, wallows about like an 80's Buick...
Body: Well, couple of dents, the hood flipped open with previous owner, I replaced the hinges and popped most of the dents out. I love the Petina, pretty much perfect for what I wanted. Original yellow-on-black plates, the front is a thing of beauty! But Results may vary, consult with your taste...
Glass is really good and clean all round! Seals, not so much.
Interior: Rough but functional. As in there is a steering wheel and seat, and little else. Have new 3-point seat belts new-in-box, top bosses (for the 3-point) are fitted in the cab. Old lap sashes are junk, but there. Gauges - fuel and speed work, temp and pressure sensors probably quit 20 years ago. I keep up on oil checks and have a handheld IR temp gun...
Leaks: Yes.
I have a bunch of assorted random parts, four brand new brake slave cylinders, rear axle bearings, some seals, etc.

I absolutely loved this truck and had grand ideas to make something special! I started slowly restoring it, but sadly, aspirations outweighed action, and I have absolutely no time to do this right. Really hoping to find someone to give it the time and effort to make something awesome out of this!

Price is negotiable, but you have to at least bring me a good plan for the thing - Let me know it's going to be appreciated! The Government has offered me $1000 to take it and melt it down, I just don't have the heart to let another beautiful old truck die. Someone please, please take it and turn it into something awesome!

I also have a GM LM7 motor with full harness, ECU, etc. You can see where this was headed... If interested, talk to me.

If you'd like more pics please PM me, I can send more, higher res.

If you read this far down, thanks for your time! And, please buy my truck! :)
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Re: 1970 F250 Camper Special for sale

Postby basketcase0302 » Fri Oct 20, 2017 1:20 pm

Best of luck on your sale. Looks like someone would get a really good truck to start from. :(
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Re: 1970 F250 Camper Special for sale

Postby btec116 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:51 pm

Truck is Sold! She'll live on with someone else!

Thanks all for the interest.

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